• chairman
  • Grievance handling officer
  • Bharat Kumar Chimariya
  • Grievance Handling Officer
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  • Phone No: 01-5180182
  • Compliance Officer
  • Pramod Kumar Ghimire
  • Compliance Officer
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  • Phone No: 01-5180182

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Working Capital Loan It includes short period result oriented cooperative business
Chief Executive Officer's Message
With the strength of our senior management team, detail and broad market knowledge and true professionalism combined with excellent performance in every aspects, there is enough reasons for optimism, prominent amongst which is management'
As a result, there has been a qualitative improvement in the co-operative sector, including the image of co-societies and syngo co-operative campaign
Education & Training
AdvancedManagerial Qualification Course (MCC)Director Qualification Course (DCC)Loan Officer Qualification Course (LCC)Institutional Development Training (ID)Business/strategic planning trainingFinancial Consulting Training Moderate Pearls Monitoring System TrainingLoan Management Training Policy making trainingAnnual planning and budgeting training Basic (including details)Cooperative ManagementCredit Management Marketing ManagementMicro Finance LoansOrganization Management (Behavioral Science)Risk management PEARLS RatingBranch Management Training Accounting trainingMonitoring Module for Audit Committee 1
Trainings From NCBL
s Competency Course (LCC)Institutional Development Training (ID)Business/ Strategic Planning TrainingFinancial Counseling TrainingMediumPEARLS Monitoring System TrainingLoan Management TrainingPolicy Formulation TrainingAnnual Planning &
Syllabus for Management Trainee7