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Cooperative Standardization Program

The member co-operative unions/institutions of the bank are engaged in the development and operation of co-operative stratification programmes for institutional development and strengthening. In order to co-operative stratification, the bank has developed an index to measure the level of institutions. In order to identify the status of the institution, the Bank has to follow the member associations/ institutions in the form of terrestrial and non-terrestrial. In order to follow up, the bank has developed a flexible index for the savings and credit business of the association/ institution, as well as the savings and credit bank business. Savings and loans are only traded in the financial sector by the union/institution which has to make the index of the financial sector a high priority. Under this, the co-operative societies/institutions have been stratified keeping the PEARLS follow-up system on top priority. The co-operative societies of savings and credit banks should be stratified by giving high priority to the financial side as well as the non-financial side.
Under the stratification programme, need-based training and education programmes will be conducted on the basis of improvement of member associations/institutions. The bank has provided technical support to the co-operative society including formulation of policy laws based on need and capacity. On the basis of the corrective suggestions given under the stratification programme, the quality of the institution has been maintained and further ensured. As a result, there has been a qualitative improvement in the co-operative sector, including the image of co-societies and syngo co-operative campaign. The stratification programme is being carried out in four phases. As of now, infrastructure stratification and CARE (cooperatives will be able to run efficiently) programmes are in operation. The implementation process of the programme is in the development and implementation stage.

1. Stratification Programme: For the basic stratification programme, the Bank has created software and placed it on the Bank's website, so that the member institutions can get information about the financial and non-financial situation of the organization. From this, the cooperative can take necessary suggestions according to the situation of the organization. Based on the suggestions received, the cooperative organizations will be able to improve the organizational activities and further institutional development. There is no fee for cooperative organizations to participate in this program.

2. Care Program: Organizations that are successful in the CARE program infrastructure can participate in the second phase of CARE program development of the bank. The participation fee for participation in the programme is Rs. 10,000. A joint programme of co-operative society and bank may be fixed for fixing common charges. The programme is conducted on the basis of the terms and conditions of the member co-operative society and the bank. Every year, the Bank provides three rounds of on-site observations and inspections to the participating institutions in this programme, including suggestions, improvements and action plans. In addition to this, the Bank has from time to time submitted a report with suggestions including non-site inspections. On the basis of the suggestions received, the organization has been able to improve its business and activities.