• chairman
  • Grievance handling officer
  • Bharat Kumar Chimariya
  • Grievance Handling Officer
  • Email:
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  • Phone No: 01-5180182
  • Compliance Officer
  • Pramod Kumar Ghimire
  • Compliance Officer
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  • Phone No: 01-5180182

Internet Banking

Image is of Internet Banking

NCBL's Internet Banking System allows member cooperatives to access their account via browser. The system allows members to preview detailed information of their multiple accounts and preview statement.


  • Detailed Account Preview
  • Full Account Statements
  • Online activity tracking
  • Auto password change requests.
  • Incorrect password lockout.
  • Session based logins.
  • Customer desired themes
  • Multiple account support.


Any member cooperatives maintaining bank account with NCBL.

Applicable Charges:

  • Rs. 100/year