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  • Grievance handling officer
  • Bharat Kumar Chimariya
  • Grievance Handling Officer
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  • Phone No: 01-5180182
  • Compliance Officer
  • Pramod Kumar Ghimire
  • Compliance Officer
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  • Phone No: 01-5180182

Education & Training

NCBL is a member-based bank, it has a distinct identity and responsibility towards its members. At present most of the members have requested NCBL to set up a separate training department and conduct a comprehensive training programme.  Based on the proposal passed by the annual general meeting, the NCBL Board has established a training department with a training sub-committee at its head office to conduct regular training programs for its members. NCBL is committed to professionalize its members through its training and education activities. We have planned to conduct the following listed training programs from this financial year.


  • Managerial Qualification Course (MCC)
  • Director Qualification Course (DCC)
  • Loan Officer Qualification Course (LCC)
  • Institutional Development Training (ID)
  • Business/strategic planning training
  • Financial Consulting Training


  • Pearls Monitoring System Training
    Loan Management Training
  • Policy making training
    Annual planning and budgeting training

Basic (including details)

  • Cooperative Management
  • Credit Management
  • Marketing Management
    Micro Finance Loans
  • Organization Management (Behavioral Science)
  • Risk management
  • PEARLS Rating
    Branch Management Training
  • Accounting training
  • Monitoring Module for Audit Committee

1. Cooperative Management Training

Duration:- Two days

first day:

  1. Registration/Opening
  2. Concept, Origin and Significance of Cooperatives
  3. Cooperative values ​​and standards