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  • Bharat Kumar Chimariya
  • Grievance Handling Officer
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  • Phone No: 01-5180182
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  • Pramod Kumar Ghimire
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Working Capital Loan It includes short period result oriented cooperative business
NCBL provides remittance service from different part of world for inward and outward remittance
Chairman's Message
As, the cooperative sector has been playing distinct and significant role in the process of socio-economic development of the country, NCBL is committed to maintain the highest standards of excellence in financial services based on sustainable growth and development providing timely, quick and best banking services to its members from all segments with the help of modern technology and dedicated human resource
Chief Executive Officer's Message
It offers great products like different kinds of savings, microfinance, deprived sector loan, technical assistance, training, Bank Guarantee, Remittance and Utility payments
NCBLNational Cooperative Bank Limited (NCBL) was established in 2003, as the only bank in the cooperative movement of Nepal at national level, in exercise of the power conferred by the sub-section 4 of section 26 under the then prevailing Cooperative Act, 1992 (first amendment, 2000) and from the recommendation of Nepal Rastra bank (Central bank of Nepal) as an umbrella institution to provide banking and financial services to all its member cooperatives following the long and continuous demand and efforts of cooperators
Savings and loans are only traded in the financial sector by the union/institution which has to make the index of the financial sector a high priority
After completing the entire process of buying shares through online, it will be increased in 3 working days Where can I get share certificate from co-operative societies/ societies
Time Deposit
The loan offered in this account is up to 90% of the related account &
Compulsory Deposit
The loan interest rate will be 1 percent more than the interest rate on the related savings
It runs on every Friday and free of charge and can be benefitted from every corner of the country
SMS Banking
perform transactions, both from their own country and from any other country that offers mobile phone roaming services
Internet Banking
Features Detailed Account Preview Full Account StatementsOnline activity tracking Auto password change requests
Cheque Transfer System
The member cooperative registered with internet banking service and subscribed to the Cheque Transfer Service through application form can browse the portal for transferring the amount from their saving account maintained at NCBL to any other BFI'