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Co-operative Standardization Loan This type of loan will be given to the cooperatives that have excelled in the rating made by cooperative banks or recognized national and international associations/organizations and have also received the certificate
Chairman's Message
Upreti Chairman National Co-operative Bank Ltd
Chief Executive Officer's Message
Badri Kumar Guragain Chief Executive Officer National Co-operative Bank Ltd
Our Affiliation International Cooperative Alliance (ICA) Network for the Development of Agricultural Cooperative for Asia and the Pacific (NEDAC) Association of Asian Confederation of Credit Unions (ACCU) Center for International Cooperation and Training in Agricultural Banking (CICTAB) Asia-Pacific Rural and Agricultural Credit Association (APRACA) International Cooperative Banking Association (ICBA) International Raiffeisen Union (IRU)
NCBLNational Cooperative Bank Limited (NCBL) was established in 2003, as the only bank in the cooperative movement of Nepal at national level, in exercise of the power conferred by the sub-section 4 of section 26 under the then prevailing Cooperative Act, 1992 (first amendment, 2000) and from the recommendation of Nepal Rastra bank (Central bank of Nepal) as an umbrella institution to provide banking and financial services to all its member cooperatives following the long and continuous demand and efforts of cooperators
As of now, infrastructure stratification and CARE (cooperatives will be able to run efficiently) programmes are in operation
Digital Banking
Internet Banking SMS Banking Interbank Payment System (IPS) Online Standardization Program ATM Card Service Cooperative Fund Transfer
Can I open an account in a bank in a cooperative society
Saving Normal
This savings account is useful for cooperatives having a small number of transactions
Compulsory Deposit
A compulsory saving Deposit account is a savings account in which cooperatives deposit a certain amount continuously on a regular basis for an unlimited time interval i
NCBL within its long term strategic direction has developed a Regular Member Counselling Program that typically aims to give extra support to the cooperatives in wide array of cooperative education
COOP Card (Debit Card)
COOP Card is a debit card service that can be availed by member cooperatives to provide card services to its member base
SMS Banking
Eligibility: Any member cooperatives maintaining bank account with NCBL - Both NTC and N Cell Subscribers (Except for CDMA) Applicable Charges: Rs